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Investing in Disruptive Israeli Technologies

Investing in Disruptive
Israeli Technologies

WHO we are

Much More Than Your Typical VC

Corporates are on the lookout for disruptive technology solutions to drive their ESG strategy and advance their digital transformation. These solutions offer deeper insights, and help industry players be agile and make real-time decisions, within fast-changing business environments.

IL Ventures (ILVP Fund, LP) was purpose-built for this opportunity, combining capital with incredibly deep operational experience and an unparalleled global network that helps founders rapidly scale and go global.

Backed by top tier global investors and partners, our team of company builders and industry executives – whose 25-year track record of success both as individuals and as partners precedes them – is joining forces once again to unlock the full potential of Israel’s most promising startups.

Our vast network and strong presence within the Israeli ecosystem ensures our ability to source the most attractive investments at precisely the right time, while meeting our strict investment criteria.


Our Team

With $5B of combined business experience and over 25 years of proven success and collaboration, the IL Ventures team is joining forces again to unlock the full potential of disruptive Israeli technologies for traditional industries




Investment Domains

Industry 4.0

In an increasingly dynamic world, responsiveness and agility have become vital components of any supply chain. Rapid advancements in technology and the growing need for digital transformation, coupled with a push for a more sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing process, have prompted a global shift from "fast and cheap" to "local and smart."


The prevailing and growing agricultural labor shortage across the developed and developing world, coupled with the changing global population and environmental concerns, is making it more and more necessary to develop technologies that will help farmers grow more food while using fewer resources.


The merging of food and health has resulted in increased consumer awareness of the effects food consumption has on people and the environment in which they live. Innovative technologies are revolutionizing the food supply chain, reducing food loss and waste while promoting food security.


Enabling Technologies

Big Data


Computer Vision




Why Israel?

Israel is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the highest number of engineers, scientists, and PhDs per capita, worldwide. But what truly gives the “Start-up Nation” its competitive edge?

A Constant Drive for Innovation

#1 globally in R&D expenditure as a
percentage of the country’s GDP (4.94%)

Elite Academia

A very high standard of education at
the country’s 7 universities; each with
strong ties to the industry (e.g. Mobileye)

Favorable Government Policies

  • Israel’s Innovation Authority provides generous grants to start-ups, and
  • Significant tax benefits and cash incentives attract multinational investors

Positive Attitude Towards Risk

Without risk, there can be no reward –
“constructive failure” is an option!


Loud and proud, Israeli speak their mind,
question authority, and shatter paradigms,
as they see fit

Positive “Military-Industrial Complex”

  • Elite IDF technology units (mainly Unit 8200) and their pool of top talents, cutting-edge technologies, entrepreneurial spirit,
  • An “impossible is irrelevant” mentality serves as a catalyst for the Israeli high-tech scene
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