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By accessing the ILVP Fund Limited Partnership website on the website www.il-ventures.com (hereinafter – the “website”), you hereby approve your agreement to all the conditions set out below which constitute a binding legal basis for any action and/or activity (including browsing/surfing) that will be performed on the website and your consent to all the following terms and conditions referring to all the details and/or information displayed on the website in any form and/or media and/or to any part of them and/or in connection with them in any form and manner (hereinafter – “the information”).

You also agree and hereby approve your agreement to all the terms of the website and that you and/or anyone on your behalf will not have any claim and/or suit against the website and/or owners and/or employees and/or representatives of ILVP Fund Limited Partnership and/or anyone on their behalf (hereinafter – “ILVP”).

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you hereby acknowledge and agree that ILVP is not responsible in any way for the information on the website including its presentation, quality, correctness, existence, rights, etc. and that the sole responsibility for any reliance on it and/or any use thereof applies exclusively on you and that you will not have any other claim against ILVP and/or others .

It is hereby clarified and agreed that all information presented on this website is presented in good faith and does not contain any kind of opinion about it and/or any recommendation for action and/or reliance on it and anyone who does so does so at his own risk and has no cause for any action and/or claim and/or right in this regard against ILVP.

It is hereby clarified and agreed that any use of the information and/or any part of it is totally prohibited and it is totally forbidden to copy and/or transfer and/or perform any action and/or exploitation and/or any attempt to do so. This prohibition is absolute, comprehensive, and irrevocable.

For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified and agreed that all property and intellectual property rights regarding the Software and the website and all other information related to the website, are the exclusive property of ILVP and no person shall have any right, claim or suit against ILVP regarding these rights unless he has obtained a prior written and dully signed approval from ILVP. Any technological material that includes software, hardware, programs, specifications, data, processes, inventions and improvements, trademarks, trade secrets and any other information that can be identified in any way as information related to the website is the property of ILVP and you and/or no one will have any right to use such otherwise. The trade names and/or trademarks associated with them and/or any other and/or additional right, in whole and/or in part and all are protected trade names and no one shall have any right to use these names or claim any rights in those names.

For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that ILVP respects the copyrights of others and therefore if you encounter any information and/or image or any other presentation which in your opinion infringes the copyright of any person or company you are welcome to contact us via email elad@il-ventures.com and indicate the infringing content and its location.

It is hereby agreed that all conditions set forth above and below and their interpretation and enforcement will be solely in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and subject solely to the Israeli law and any legal proceedings for any suit arising from an act and/or omission committed and/or deriving from the website will be tried solely by the authorized court in the Tel Aviv district .

It is hereby clarified and agreed that ILVP has the right to change from time to time the rules of the regulations listed above by its sole discretion.


Executive Communications Manager

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